Each one of our piece of furniture reflects the talent and style of our artists.

Gilles Desmarais

Gilles Desmarais is a versatile artist who revives emotions through his work. Cabinetmaker, sculptor, innovator, Gilles has a limitless imagination that gives life to unique creations. This is undoubtedly what perfectly describes the artist. Give a second life. Wood has no secrets for Gilles, but the cabinetmaker Hullois is not afraid to include other materials to give a personal touch to his projects. In addition to being a remarkable artist, Gilles has often met influential people, leaving them with a breath of fresh air and creativity.

Come see in store the achievements of our artists!

Chantal Laflamme

I have been painting for pleasure for ten years. In the past few years, my work has drawn attention. I am delighted to exhibit them in different shops and homes. At this moment, my two main collections are; * my marble collection and * my architecture collection. I also offer my services to make tailor-made. I am happy to reproduce on canvas the ideas of my clients while obviously incorporating my personal touch, such as the CLAF key! I work in collaboration with each of my clients so that my modern, chic and eye-catching canvases are perfectly arranged with the decor of a room and thus, put it in value. I find my inspiration in marble, architecture (bridges, buildings), femininity and masculinity. To do this, I mostly use white, black, gold and silver to bring out a vibrant color. CLAF / Chantal Laflamme Artist

Come see in store the achievements of our artists!

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