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Are you looking for inspiration? Let our team guide you.

You have several ideas in mind and as a result you do not know where to start? No problem! At Vice Versa, we are here for you.Indeed, we have in-store a team qualified in design and decoration, which will give you a hand regarding your decision-making process in search of the furniture of your dreams. To do this, to help us better advise you according to your needs, you can bring in store photos of the room in question, the exact measurements as well as samples of wood and fabrics.

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Thanks to you dear clients, it is because each and every one of you that we have the chance to show these beautiful Canadian products here in Outaouais; therefore, it is important to mention with conviction that we value your satisfaction. To do so, it is then our pleasure to offer you various benefits and services, which will add to your stay with us.


Notice to private companies who want to innovate, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our qualified team is here to help you!

At Vice Versa, we are also pleased to offer a service of decor and design to newly established private companies who want to innovate just like us, and for those who want to be on the lookout for new trends. Our team of fully qualified professionals will be happy to listen to your needs and as a result to contribute in the realization of your dreams and your new business projects. What if we could realize this dream together? Visit us in-store now and we will be pleased to show you unique and avant-garde pieces from our Canadian suppliers and associated artists that will add a touch of wow to your décor. And why not add a little bit of vice in your business? Your clients will be charmed and the wow factor will be at the rendezvous. Do not wait any longer!

Few days trial

Only a few days to fall in love.

What if you only needed a few days trial to fall in love? Would that be appealing to you? You fell in love with one of our product shown in store? At Vice Versa, there are no worries. Our refund policy for products shown in the showroom offers you the option of purchasing and testing the desired product over a period of 5 days. By the same token, this will give you the opportunity to have a better overview in your environment and get a full refund in the event that you are not completely satisfied. This policy does not apply on special orders.


Do you have a project in sight and would you like to receive free color samples? We are here to help you.

Do you have projects on your mind for the future room that will host the furniture of your dreams and therefore you want to get a hand? Our team of qualified professionals will be happy to assist you and to do so, we can send you free samples of wood colors and fabrics according to the products ordered. Be that as it may, it will be easier to visualize the colors before falling back in love with your desired furniture after everything is freshly renovated.

Custom made furniture

You are looking for a unique piece, avant-garde and as a result impossible to find? We would be happy to create it for you.

You have fallen in love with a unique and beautiful piece that you have seen in a trend magazine or you have a specific idea in mind? We have the solution for you. At Vice Versa, we are pleased to offer you custom-made plans and to do so, our qualified team will make sure to understand your needs first, and with the help of our associated suppliers, we will be able to create this unique piece for you. At Vice-Versa we find everything, even this unique piece that will charm you!


Transport worries? Our delivery team comes to the rescue.

For some reason you are unable to come to our store or you do not have a van? No problem! We have a meticulous and qualified delivery team that will give you a hand; hence, we offer a delivery service of our products on appointment, including on-site installation. Rates may vary by location.

Furniture assembly

An assembly manual a bit too complicated? We have what you need.

At Vice Versa, we are pleased to offer you free in-store assembly of your favorite products to save you time and effort. Our team of professionals will be happy to do the work for you. Book this time with us now!


You are unable to store your furniture? We have a miracle cure!

Are you in the midst of a move or vacation and you are not ready to receive your much awaited furniture? At Vice-Versa we also offer free storage service, where your favorite products will be stored in our warehouse during your absence. We ask in exchange that the balance of the order is paid out entirely.

After sales service

You have just received the furniture of your dreams and it has defects or it does not correspond at all to what was originally ordered? No worries. Your satisfaction is important to us and our team is here to help!

You have just received the furniture of your dreams and for one reason or another you are not completely satisfied? You can communicate directly with us and our team of professionals will carefully listen to your needs and ensure a direct follow-up with our associated suppliers, in order to find an effective way to rectify the situation. Your satisfaction is important to us and we rely on an exemplary after-sales service because you are important to us. Together we will find a solution.

You have furniture from several years and they require a little love and maintenance? No problem. We take care of that for you.

You have in your possession furniture that was purchased from us a few years back and they now require maintenance and some retouching? Our certified team has a solution for you. Indeed, at Vice Versa we are pleased to offer a cleaning and retouching service for your favorite furniture that needs love. With that being said, we will be able to give your furniture their fresh look back and in a jiffy they will have the appearance of being new.

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